Thoughts for a bar table


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Jun 16, 2019
I couldn’t find the right size table for my patio without spending big bucks so I built one to fit. It came out awesome from just a simple idea I had in my head and it cost around $350. I used cedar deck boards for the top and a simple 4X4 H-frame like base with decorative slats out of Douglas Fir to cut down on the massive weight. I stained the whole thing in dark walnut and I thought a few coats of epoxy on the top would help it in the blazing sun but it bubbled and peeled pretty quick. I plan on sanding it all clean this year and using a torch to burn it all. It’s been trendy on the home remodel shows lately and supposedly works great to seal the wood. The added bonus is the stark contrast of the burned grain. I’ll report back how it holds up. Once I get around to it and it has some time to weather of course.


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Jun 20, 2016
Everyone has u covered here pretty well. A lot of outlets is key. I’m glad I put them everywhere. My overhang is like others 12 inches. I did table top height so I had a huge open space for when cooking and eating vs the cooking height with additional bar height. My house bar is like that and it cuts up serving space.
I only did granite cause I have a connection through friends and I got whatever I want pretty cheap.

There is tons of pics in my build thread if u search posts for my user name.