The world's most crowded swimming pool

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Mar 28, 2007
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That looks a little more than the 1000 gallons/bather/day that designates "high" bather load. :shock: Maximum bather load standards vary, but are on the order of 30 square feet of surface area (3 foot radius circle) in the deep end and 15 square feet of surface area (2.2 foot radius circle) in the shallow end per bather. Certainly looks like a code violation to me! :twisted:


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May 1, 2008
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Where is this?
It looks like China or maybe Japan. I don't see any tattoos (they don't let people with tattoos in public pools in Japan).

I can't imagine that would be any fun.........standing in water with a couple thousand of your closest friends.


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May 22, 2008
Regardless of the water....which just grosses me out to think a former life guard I'm really surprised that would let that many people into the water. Some one could so easily get run over by a float and then be "trapped" under the water and no one would know there was a problem until it was too late. :cry:


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Apr 15, 2007
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Unless you were going for a new worlds record why would so many people want to get in at one time? Looks pretty gross and dangerous to me. Give me my little frame pool for the few warm months we have. I pass on the comunity petrie pot! Kimrst