The proper way to take care of a pool


Jul 5, 2010
About a month ago, I brought my pool problems to the forum You see, my pool had gotten out of control. After a couple of years of mediocre water quality and spending about $100 a month on chemicals and periodically dishing out for expensive professional pool service, I finally lost control. I let the water get very green while I waited for some mail order chemicals to arrive, and once it was there, it just wouldn't go away. In May, I dumped $300 worth of chemicals into my pool trying to get it under control. Finally, I gave up and hired a pool company. After trying for three weeks, the pool company gave up. That's right, the pool company couldn't fix it either. That cost me another $300.

So, I turned to There, a person you all know as "Chem Geek" helped turn me on the right track. I read pool school and dozens of posts, and finally I managed to persuade my wife that we needed to spend just a little bit more money on the pool in order to buy a $50 test kit (K2006).

Three days after my kit arrived, my pool was sparkling, and has remained that way ever since. And it will always remain that way. Because, armed with a little information, taking care of a pool is easy, obvious work. That's what TFP is really all about. "BBB" doesn't really matter; as long as you understand the science behind it, you can maintain a clean pool with ground up trichlor tablets and lye, if you really want to. BBB just happens to be the cheapest and easiest way to maintain those chemicals levels properly.

Thanks to everyone for providing this public service. I post this only in the hopes that some other wandering soul with stumble across this and save themselves a lifetime of hassle.

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