TFP method move to SWG from tab/cal-hypo


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I have been fighting FC/TC for weeks and finally cracked it. I am now going to begin to convert to SWG. I have ordered the first half bags of salt, they will be here today.

Aside from PH changes, is there any swing in chems I should expect from adding salt? (Clorox 99+% Pool Salt) (will be adding 6x40lbs tonight/tomorrow if no objections here).
Will adjust pH via MA tonight.
It took very high levels of chlorine to break the shock level and finally level out. Now I am in the maintain mode

I have not picked the SWG yet and will continue bleach for now, until the SWG is chosen (another thread for discussion if you want to weigh in).

My Chem Levels:

FC: 15
TC: 15
PH: 7.9
TA: 68
CH: 332
CYA: 88


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May 3, 2014
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First -- do not use Clorox brand salt. Many report over the last few years of Clorox salt staining pool surfaces.

How did you get those test results?


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Unfortunately I can't cancel the 6 bags already ordered, but can change the remaining ~500Lbs needed of salt. Is there any fear of using the 6 bags if added slowly and my surface is solid white?

My results are an avg of 3 drop kits (one from Home Depot, one from wal-mart, and my Leslies uses drop test instead of the laser disc junk). I have not received my TF-100 yet.


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Jun 1, 2018
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For future reference * the clorox bleach has changed & now contains “chloromax” so its no longer recommended for pool use. ?
Instead look for unscented no additives generic bleach or 10% liquid chlorine in the pool section.
Maybe u can return the clorox salt.
Also if that cya is correct you round up to 90 on theFC/CYA Chart & target 12
Did you also order the Taylor salt test. You may already have a good bit of salt in your pool. Definitely test before adding what is recommended for your cell


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I have 300ppm in the pool, the pool is fresh fill as of november with new plaster, it hasn't had much byproduct salts as it was filled with RO water (previous owner did all that).

I did order the Taylor K-1766 Salt Test and the TF-100 Salt Test

I had a buddy test the salt content before choosing to order salt. Good news, I was able to refuse the delivery of Clorox salt. I will pick up softener salt from Lowes this weekend.

TF-100 Test Kit ™
Optional Items: smart stir
Optional Items: Salt Test Strips - Aqua Chek
Optional Items: Taylor K-1766 Salt Test-
Optional Items: XL Option

Is what I had ordered.
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Ordered the Circupool RJ60+. I put 8 bags of Blue Mortons Water Softener salt in.

Todays tests:

pH: 7.7
Alk: 62
FAC: 18 (turned on my erosion feeder to clean it out from the remaining puck junk - mistake)
TAC: 18
Po: 300 (I know it doesnt matter, but the CircuPool Manual says should be 0, so I tested it anyways)
CYA: 90 (Dang puck)
CH: 320


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I have acquired my TF-100 test kit.

FC: 19
CC: 0
TC: 19
PH: 7.2-7.5 (I am shade deficient in Red/Orange/Yellow - Wife had to read this one from TF-100) My normal drop test says 7.3
CH: 575
CYA: 100
TA: 110
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