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Jun 22, 2013
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at TFP! Our water is amazing! The help I have got here has enabled us to have the nicest pool we have ever had.

The last two years we battled with sand and algae in the pool. I decided last fall I was going all in with the TFP method.

I finally got the pool temp to 82 degrees and the kids are having a blast today :)


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Jun 22, 2013
Wow! Nice pool!
Thanks! Once I got it balanced it has been really easy.

Uses 1-1.5ppm FC a day
PH has held steady at 7.4
TA holds steady at 60

I just add my small amount of bleach each day and vacuum once a week.


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Jun 6, 2017
central Maine
Hi everyone! I want to thank a group of very special, thoughtful, patient, selfless, ( and many more adjectives ), folks that showed me how to have and take care of a crystal clear pool. without hesitation I was given the tools and helpful advise and used it for my family and me.
I was determined to stay the course and the results showed The 2-5 minutes per day kept the pool sparkling clean up to the day I drained it last week end. It pained me as it was 80* and sunny the last week but up here those numbers can change in a hurry. My TFPool addiction will soon be replaced with my antique coal stove addiction. I will be basking in Pennsylvania's finest Anthracite soon but I will check in occasionally for some real sunshine!




Oct 22, 2015
Sunbury Pa
3800B7DC-A3DA-4266-9462-50BC19B4970A.jpgThis was our pool last weekend, as you can imagine all the green pond water on top of my winter cover was In the pool. But thanks to all I’ve learned for TFP, four days after opening her up we have crystal clear water. Thank you thank you thank you


Apr 6, 2018
Fresno, CA
Please tell us what you think about TroubleFreePools.com!

Links to posts here at TFP where someone else says what they think are also welcome.
After using the typical do-whatever-Leslie’s-says method to care for a previous pool, I have been using the methods taught about and espoused on this site since I first built my current pool. While it does require one to put in some time and to pay fairly close attention to their pool on a more-or-less continuous basis, the rewards are worth it. I use only two chemicals on a regular basis, both of which I purchase at Lowe’s (and pay Lowe’s prices for instead of pool store prices). My pool has never been green. I have never had to shock it. The water is crystal clear, feels great, and never smells like chlorine. It is always ready to swim in.

Now I have to admit, I caught myself feeling a little bit envious a week or so ago when I was at a friend’s house and he mentioned that all he does is add a few pounds of tabs once a week or so (his pool looks good too). Then today, I popped into the local pool store to look for a cleaner part, and was reminded why I (we) do this. A guy, kids-in-tow, was there to get his water tested and to get help with an algae problem. His chlorine was “fine” at 2 ppm (his CYA was “nice and high” at 90) and the pool store guy mused aloud that algae shouldn’t be growing but surmised that it might be due to the low pH of 7. I couldn’t help myself and blurted out “you’re using trichlor tabs, aren’t you?” I got a puzzled look, followed by an annoyed look, from both, so I shut up. The pool store guy went on to recommend soda ash, followed by copper algaecide, followed by an obscene amount of powdered shock, followed by a flocculant, which the guy purchased even after the pool store guy added, “but you really might have to drain it anyway.” As he walked out, >$100 lighter, I heard him tell his kids, “Sorry guys, I don’t think you’re going to be able to swim for a while.”

THIS makes the five minutes a day I spend on pool maintenance totally worth it.


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May 17, 2018
Eagan, MN
I honestly can’t stay enough about TFP methods and forum. This place is amazing in the generosity and patience that is shown to all the frustrated, overwhelmed and broken pool owners. Although I was able to answer most questions by searching and reading previous responses to others.... I am continually blown away at the respectful answers to the harried pool owners who don’t know which way is up. (Or how CYA affects their pool chem) Kudos to all for having such a positive uplifting site.

My dream house happened to come with a pool. I have never owned a pool. I didn’t even know anyone who owned a pool. I had no idea what all those things on my equipment pad did... NO IDEA. In my marriage I am the “house manager” so I knew pool care would be on me. The first month I spent over $700 at the pool store and it was still fluorescent green. I am a woman with a masters degree... I CAN take care of a pool better than this. Enter TFP 😜. I am now in my second year of pool ownership and I love it. I definitely have sparklipoolitis... and can’t stand when it doesn’t positively sparkle in the sunlight.