Target TA in app doesn’t match good TA in kit


May 12, 2018
Cincinnati Ohio
Hi I bought a kit at the end of last season and after frustration with pool sales shops made up my mind to learn this all on my own with your help. My pool was opened by the pool company and three days have passed. My numbers are FC 11. PH 7. TA120 (it was starting to change to pink at 110) CH 150 and CYA 30 in a vinyl lined pool of 22000 gallons with chlorine and sand filter. On the instructions in the kit TA of 120 is in the good reading range of 100-120 but in the app it says the target TA is 70. Which is correct? Based on my results what next? Do I wait for the chlorine to burn off for another 24 hours and retest? Thank you for any advice! Donna
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May 3, 2014
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TA is not a chemistry parameter to be overly concerned with unless too low (under 50) or so high it is making your water have a scaling tendency. With your low CH, you do not have a scaling issue.

So as you maintain your pH in the 7's, the TA will fall. Test it every week or so and update the value in Poolmath as it will effect how much acid you use to lower your pH.

Follow the What Are My Ideal Pool Levels? - Trouble Free Pool which coincide with the parameters shown in the app.


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Apr 27, 2018
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With of 30, you want to maintain an FC level of 4-6 for Non-SWCG Pools. Please click this FC/CYA for more information. You don't want your FC to fall below the recommended target level at no time. So don't let your FC level burn off at all... always maintain the target level.
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