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Aug 16, 2010
Hi looking to get an inground pool installed, undecided whether to go with synergy pool care or salt water system? What does everyone recommend

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Mar 28, 2007
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Between those two choices you are far better off with a saltwater chlorine generator system. The Synergy System uses Synergy Tabs in a floating feeder which are essentially the same as Trichlor tabs with some Borax in it and uses Synergy Clear once a week which is the same as diluted Dichlor powder. At first, the system will seem to work, though it is expensive, but then some chemicals will build up over time and by the end of the swim season or after one or more seasons you may start to get algae and/or cloudy water.

Another option would be to use chlorinating liquid or bleach, but this would need to be added every day or two. A saltwater chlorine generator is more convenient. You can learn more about your options for trouble free pool care by taking a look at the Pool School.


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Jun 22, 2009
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I won't add anything to Richards post except, do yourself a favor and get a good test kit now! Whatever method of chlorination you decide on you're gonna need one.

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