Symptoms of bad thermal regulator valve?


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Jun 14, 2018
What are the symptoms of a bad thermal regulator valve. I have a Jandy Jxi200 that I just fired up for the season, and I hear a low whine (not loud, fairly low frequency, barely louder than the heater blower) coming from the heater, and it might be coming from the area of the thermal regulator valve - although sounds are tricky to source. I checked the air inlet, and I didn't see any obstructions.

Its been running fine for about an hour (so far), but I'm curious if this might be the beginning of the valve failing, and also curious about what happens to the heater when a TRV fails?

Trying to decide if its worth opening up the heater to look at the valve or maybe it will just go away as things heat up (the water is currently ~62 degrees).

Or, is this something worse and I should shut down the heater.

Thanks in advance,