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Mar 21, 2009
Lower West Michigan
I am considering a SWG this summer. I did some searching and I think a Circupool RJ60 for about 1K is my best bet. For the price and size, I feel pretty comfortable with that unless someone has any dire warnings about this company. I live in Michigan so it will only get so much use.

That is not really my question. I have a 36K gallon pool so that seems to be a reasonable size. From my research on this board most advice is to get one larger than you need. This is getting to my question. From what I understand the reason to get the larger size is to last longer because you don’t need to run it as much.

I have a two speed pump that I run 24x7. Is it OK to run the SWG continuously? Of course I would adjust the amount of chlorine produced. So my question really boils down to does the life expectancy depend more on how long the unit runs or the amount of chlorine produced? If I produce x amount of chlorine in 8 hours is that better/worse than producing x amount in 24 hours. If I do plan to run it 24x7 do I still need to get the larger size?

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Mar 21, 2009
Lower West Michigan
I thought the idea of a two-speed pump was to run it twice as long at half the speed. That would be pretty close to 24 hours so I just ran it 24 hours. It worked nice. If I get a SWG is a two speed not necessary? Or are you saying with a SWG I can run the pump even less?


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Jan 4, 2016
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The operating cost of a SWG arises from the cost of a replacement cell when the original one wears out, and the electricity to run the cell. Both costs are directly attributable to the amount of chlorine produced. Keeping your water TFP perfect will minimize scaling, including a likelihood of zero scaling. If you do get scaling and need to clean the cell, the cleaning will reduce the cell's lifespan.

I would go the bigger one because of economics and because you'll have the option of turning it up for a kids birthday party (or when the dog goes for a swim :)).

Some people go smaller and then top up with bleach or chlorinating liquid, but for my money, running the SWG hard is the cheapest additional chlorine you'll ever buy.


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Jun 8, 2007
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I run my pump 24/7 as well. My electric cost are extremely low in my area. I think continuously running the pump is better on the motor than stop and starting it each day. Plus, I get so much stuff into the pool that I rather skim everything round the clock.

I put my SWG on 20% and it supplies enough FC for my needs. I don't know much about Circupool but I've seen good ratings. I'm sure it probably has a similar switch to turn it on a percentage of the time, so you can still run your pump but only run the SWG when you need it.


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Jul 2, 2014
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I would avoid the Circupool product. I purchased the RJG 45 in 2013. In 2015 I began to have issues. I called Discount Salt Water pools where I purchased it. They referred my to the Mfr. in Florida to deal with my warranty claim for a failed controller. At first our email exchanges were fine. I filled out the proper forms and included photos of the failed controller. They eventually stopped communicating and responding to my inquiries and never provided me with the replacement unit. I would instead go with a product from a local pool supply store or service dealer.