SWCG and Acid Feeder Injection Placement


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Dec 10, 2015
Doral, FL
Back in Jan 2016 I had an acid tank and Stenner pump installed. The feeder tube is about 20 inches away and upstream from the Jandy Apure 35 SWCG. I have had perpetual problems with premature calcium buildup which led to cells not lasting very long. I just installed my 5th replacement cell and the system is not working. I think the mother board has finally failed. It seems to me that if I am feeding 6 - 8 ounces of acid in a 50/50 solution per day that should have helped reduce the calcium buildup. My pH historically was a pretty steady 7.7 when the pool was balanced. Jandy has agreed to replace it with a Trueclear. The Trueclear has to be placed on the return line upstream of where the acid feeder line is currently placed. There is not enough space to install the Trueclear where the Apure had been installed. The tech said that the swcg would produce poisonous gas if the acid feeder were downstream. I know acid and chlorine are not supposed to be mixed normally, but in an enclosed system is that really a concern?? I'd like to avoid having to fill one hole and drill another if possible.


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Feb 24, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA
I just installed a Pentair Acid Tank/Pump setup and the instructions show the acid injection should be before the SWG - I don't think there is any way for it to create poisonous gas hooked up that way since even a few inches of pipe, and the water flowing through it, will be enough to sufficiently dilute the acid as it flows through the cell - plus as a bonus you will have water that has a slightly lower CSI which should help keep your new SWG running better and possibly keep it from getting as much calcium buildup...

Acid injection should further help to keep the overall pool water CSI in check and help keep the PH more consistent which should also prevent calcium buildup on your SWG cell plates.
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