Superflo VS pump - 220V Wiring Discovery


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Jun 10, 2011
North Central Ohio, USA
Long story shortened... installed Superflo VS last year after old pump died (power company rebate and fast, local availability were primary criteria). Installed on 110V existing breaker. This year as part of several contributing projects, I decided to slap a 220V breaker in the panel to feed the pump.

It made a notable difference in the water flow for my system! I have an infloor cleaning system and had been troubleshooting poor performance of that, which is the primary of several reasons for the change.

Anyway, looking at the manual for the Superflo, it says it will automatically limit the current drawn (13.2A, max) when wired to 110V. I severely overlooked that note and its implications until I noticed the improved performance on 220V.

Just thought I'd share in case others might have been puzzling about how they could fill an empty space in their circuit panels...
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