Stonescapes Mini Pebble - Still does not look right


Aug 20, 2019
I would focus on the sample you were shown vs what you received. Ask for the Stonescapes warranty info it will have your name and address and on it, then use that as proof of color and product. NPT should have an order with your name and the delivered material can be compared to the batch formula. Use this to pressure builder to redo job. Contact NPT again and if that does not help reach out to other location or corporate office. In my experience NPT has been pretty helpful to the customer, if that doesn't work try your Contractors Board.
Thank you. I do have the invoice of the pallet that was delivered to my house. That is what confirms my suspicion there isn’t enough product and formula not correct. The Regional NPT guy could care less. I’ve tried to find out who is above him. No luck yet. Thank you.