Stenner, heads up.


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May 30, 2012
Austin, TX
I've run a Stenner pump for 3 years, great investment! I notice something dripping at my equipment pad today... one of the hoses from the Stenner had come loose (totally fell off it's fitting). I seldom check my equipment, I look at the bleach tank level to make sure it keeps going down, and it had been. During winter I only check FC maybe once a week if that often. So I thought all was good until last check my FC was zero.... Never would have thought that tube would come loose, but I guess being cold it shrank and slipped out. Thankfully water has not turned green.

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May 18, 2016
Woodland, Ca
I had something similar happen when it got cold last year, so when it gets colder I cut about an inch off of the end of the tubing, clean the injection quill and reassemble. I bought replacement tubing this year that I plan on adding to my yearly “service.”