Spa dam height Help!?!? Start digging next week...


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Jul 16, 2014
Port Neches, TX
Contract signed, permits pulled, equipment selected, TF100 on order! ;)
But still can't decide on spa height relative to waterline...

Aesthetically we like both ways.
Logically I assume keeping the spa water in (and pool water out) is important, so raised spa dam is best (versus the flush)?flush or negative spa dam.jpgwaterline tile and raised spa dam.jpg
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Jul 21, 2013
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You want to keep pool and spa water separate so you can heat the spa rapidly independant of the pool. The wall between them just needs to be high enough to maintain the separation. Otherwise it is esthetics and if you like the look and sounds of a spillover.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I am not sure that the first pic is of a real pool or just a model.. You would normally keep your pool water in the middle of the tile line.. In the top pic that would continuously flood over into the Spa, which makes no sense at all. It would also leave the top step out of the water.. :scratch:

To operate correctly the spa must be able to be isolated from the pool.


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Jul 31, 2018
Slope the edge of the spa, towards the spa, and let it sit as close as possible to pool water level, will look really cool. Like the first picture...that will also prevent the wet/dry cycles of the spa spill-over tile, and make it last longer.
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