Spa Circulation Pump Issues

Apr 10, 2017
SLC, Utah
I have a 2004 Bullfrog Spa that is having an issue recently. The circulation pump has been kicking on then off in one second intervals. The pump is fine, but I can hear the relay clicking (opening and closing). I have tested the relay and it seems to be functioning fine, it looks like something is telling it to open and close. I am not getting any errors on my display, but my topside controller doesn't seem to be working right when the pump is doing this (which is all of the time, it wont stop). I even unplugged my controls from the circuit board with no change. I then unplugged both pumps from the circuit board and the pumps didn't come on (of coarse), but the relay still clicked. Do I need a new circuit board? I haven't called out a technician to look at it yet, I hate to pay $100 service call for them to tell me I need a new circuit board. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!