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Sep 7, 2020
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Hi everyone--

I am new to all this and wanted to see if someone could critique a pool bid we just received. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

NEW POOL 30' X 12' W/ SPA 7' X 7'

1. Remove existing gate in the front of the house and demo concrete slab from the back and side of the house and prepare for pool excavation and trench line opening for gas and electrical line.
2. Forming and excavation of pool/spa and soil removal. (4’ limited access)
3. Engineered steel reinforcement including pool/spa.
4. PLUMBING: 2" P.V.C. Water Circulation System. “PENTAIR” SKIMMER.
5. Built-in Pool Water Filler on anti-siphon valve.
6. Dual main drains and return inlets with adjustable direction flow fittings.
7. 8 therapy jet system in spa.
8. Circulation Pump: “PENTAIR- “ENERGY EFFICIENT" 1.5 H. P variable speed
9. Booster spam with pump: “WHISPER FLOW” 2 H.P.
10. Water Circulation System: “PENTAIR” 420 CARTRIDGES.
11. Water Heater: “PENTAIR- MASTER TEMP” 333,000 BTU.
12. Electrical bonding of all anchors, lights and fixtures.
13. Install 2 new pool lights 300W fixtures & 1 new spa light fixture 100W “PENTAIR”.
14. Gas line poly line from meter to pool equipment – up to 125’ .
15. Main 220 electrical line form meter to pool equipment- by owner.
16. Approved Ground Fault Interrupter breakers. (GFI)
17. Polo Shell: 2500 P.S.I. gunite.
18. Interior Pool & spa surface smooth surface – color T.B.D by owner
19. 2 X Entry steps in pool shallow end Baja Reef & In spa bench.
20. Pre-cast concrete 14” wide copping by “BELLECRETE” around perimeter of pool and spa.
21. Waterproof the entire water line in pool and spa with Theraseal.
22. Frost resistant Line tile: 6" row around perimeter of pool and spa. (Owner will provide/purchase the materials)
23. Control system for pool and spa equipment: 220 Mainline with auto timer and switches for lights and booster.

Total $68,850.00


Options: add to above
--Pebble Finish upgrade (instead of Plaster) -- $7,900.00
--Upgrade pool and spa lights to L.E.D color by “Jandy” -- $2,500.00
--Jandy” digital control system with a remote control and I-Link smart phone connection including installation and programming. - $5,550.00
--Digital Salt system with heater upgrade to Copper Nickel salt proof. -$3,250.00
--Plans, engineering fee, City Permit fees to paid by owner. -- $2,750.00



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Oct 2, 2020
Tampa, FL
Hello, what is the depth of the pool going to be? You may want 2 skimmers. How many returns? Which Pebble is the upgrade ($7,900 is a lot if it's just the first level pebble). I am no expert but I thought gunite was supposed to be at more like 4,000 psi...I would ask why only 2,500? Are you doing the decking separately? You will definitely want to get at least 2 more quotes. What are the dimensions of the baja reef (make sure that's specified) when you sign a contract.
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