Skimmer hole on left side? Hayward SP1091WM


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May 29, 2017
kokomo IN
I opened up the pool to start cleaning up the water.

No major leaks which is nice.

However I noticed a drip leak under the skimmer and there is a hole there as well.

I couldn't find an image anywhere that shows if this hole is intentional or what it is. I'm hoping that someone else knows if their skimmer has a hole like this. It is dripping water, not much to care, but maybe a half gallon a day which made the ground have a wet spot. I'm going to tighten some screws since I never have in 3 years on it and maybe that will stop the leak, but just seemed odd.



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Jun 29, 2016
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No, I’ve never seen that on a skimmer. Was it not there when you closed? Trying to think what could cause that type of hole.


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Aug 15, 2017
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My best guess is a drop of muriatic acid. Not sure how, but that is my only logical thought. I don't remember the last time using it.
No way, it would have had to sit on one spot without water and even then I'm not convinced it'll burn a hole. You wouldn't have been at the skimmer when no water is present and MA in your hand. That looks like it was deliberately done somehow or maybe an air bubble in the plastic from the manufacturing process.

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May 29, 2017
kokomo IN
I'm trying to remember if there's a hollow cavity there that could hold water. If there is then freezing water is the likely winter culprit.

Yeah it is hollow it seems. It has no water in the winter, but if it was holding water in this hollow area it definitely could have frozen. Figure it might crack the plastic instead of making a hole, but if that is the weak spot it is possible.

All of the skimmer screws were tight so I didn't try to force them tighter. A gasket could be failing, but hard to know.

Last night I put clear packing tape over it and it stopped the leak, so it is very low pressure water. I'm going to look for "epoxy putty" today that works on ABS plastic to fill the hole.
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