Show Off Your Cabana/Pool House/Outdoor Tiki Bar


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Jun 20, 2016
That is amazing stuff!! How much was the total cost for you?
No idea cause it was all my buddy’s, my dad’s buddy’s and myself so labor wasn’t a huge factor. I’m very very fortunate in that regard.

Material I literally have no idea cause I have been doing it as we had extra each month. So pretty much lost track. I was keeping a ledger but now I just got a pile of recipes.


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Jul 21, 2011
Redwood City, CA
I love my glass rinser, I can quickly rinse my shaker tins and jigger and move to the next drink.


A lot of the cocktail bars around here use them, and the couple hundred bucks was lost in the noise compared to the other stuff. I got this on here.

Here are a couple bigger views of the kitchen:


IMG_0932 (1).jpg

This kitchen build let me sneak my other hobby in, so it is also an observatory. Basically we got carried away with this thing and went overboard, but we're loving it now.

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