Shocking frequency

This may seem like a fairly simple question, but I couldn't find an answer on any of the forums. I'm using my SWG and holding the FC around 4 without any real trouble. My CC has been less than 0.5 and typically measures 0. My pool is clear with no algae at all, and has been that way for at least six weeks. How often (if at all) do I need to shock the pool, and if I do, what FC do I raise to? I understand that I'll use bleach to raise the FC, and not use the "super chlorinate" feature on the SWG as that has been recommended in other forums. My other numbers are as follows:

FC = 4
CC = .5
TA = 110
pH = 7.5 (I'm also in the process of lowering TA through repeated use of muriatic acid, but as of this morning, the pH was back up to 7.5 from 7.2 last night)
CYA = 80
Salt = 3200



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Well, as dschlic1 said, no need to shock if you do not have problems.

But, to find your shock level see the "Chlorine/Cya Chart". There is also an article on "Shocking your Pool".

These can be found in Pool School, located at top of page in sub-header. Also link in my sig.
Most people with properly running SWGS never need to shock once their water parameters in in line.