Sealing concrete


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Jun 13, 2007
Mt. Vernon, Illinois
I have concrete cantilever coping which hangs over the edge 2" or so. My wan't sealed when the pool was put in and I haven't a clue about concrete whatsoever. Does it need to be sealed? Will it erode away in a few years from all the splashing water and waves when jumping in? If so can anyone recomend an easy sealer to put on? Also I have thought of applying one of those epoxy products? any opinions good or bad on doing so and are there any that you recommend? Thanks all of you for your help. I've only been on this site for 10 days or so but it has become my #1 morning read!



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Jun 20, 2007
Hollister, CA
Are you talking about sealing the surface or the joint between the concrete and the pool? You DO need to seal the joint between the pool bond beam (wall) and the deck. I used Deck-O-Seal and it worked great. If you are talking about sealing the top of the concrete (where you walk), you don't need to do that. It won't erode away.