Salty Tasting Cl Pool Water


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Sep 10, 2019
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This summer I have noticed that my water has a fairly salty taste. It stays pretty balanced but has taken more Cl to stay that way this year. I did do an OCLT last night and am borderline (lost 0.4-0.5ppm) but no CC. Water clear, nada growing on walls.

Here are my latest numbers:
pH: 7.6
FC: was 3.2 last night b4 OCLT, dropped to 2.8...maybe 2.6. I added 70oz of CL per pool math to take it to 7.
CYA: 40
Alkalinity: 60
CH: 320

I did buyba cheapo TDS meter off amazon this weekend because I was curious. It read 2700ppm. That seems to be on the high side but is still lower than a SWG pool.

Is this anything to worry about?


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May 3, 2014
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The use of liquid chlorine and muriatic acid results in salt your pool water. You must have a pretty sensitive taste level as with your rain overflow I would not think the salt level would get really high. The TDS is salt, CH, CYA, and some other minor components.
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