Rope off track - need help


New member
Jun 2, 2011
Guys, I have an automatic under rail safety cover, and the ropes attached to the edges of the cover have come out of the track they run through.
So, the cover is almost fully closed, but cover is off track about half way through the pool on both sides. How on earth do I get this unstuck? I cannot budget manually or with the motor. thanks in advance
Jun 28, 2016
Huntington N Y
Definitely call the installing company. My Cover Pool Automatic recessed cover just broke after one year. When I went to close the cover the side next to motor was jammed while opposite side began to open on an unbalanced angle. At three feet open it broke. Upon inspection the rope snapped due to the jam caused by a small cut in the runner arm. Not sure what caused it but will have new part ordered, new rope and entire track checked. My lesson don't operate if at all unbalanced. Call service and wait. Hope to have it fixed on Thursday.