RIP 1st mouse, pill bugs & carpenter ants


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Nov 25, 2019
Riverside, CA
One neighbor behind me has found a few mice floating in their pool and I removed the first from my pool this morning. It was not floating long enough to swell or for a hawk to pick it up. FC was at 6PPM so I think the water is safe.

There were more winged ants today than ever. Pill bugs invade my pool every night. My immediate neighbor has grass and he cuts it with a string trimmer. So he is breading pill bugs.
The other neighbor behind me also has grass and a raised deck which may be a breading ground for carpenter ants. I have seen a few crawling across the deck and they are huge.



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Nov 30, 2019
Pawleys Island, SC
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Here's the invader we had on the pool deck a couple of days ago. It would have been in the pool if I hadn't already been in it. What's next, alligators?IMG_0727.jpg
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When we had our inground pool in Tallapoosa, GA some 15 years ago, we'd get snakes, frogs, bugs, you name it in the skimmer. Which confused me, because there was a perfectly good 3 acre lake not 100' away -- why did they prefer my pool to their lake?

But the capper was when I found a baby alligator snapping turtle on the second step! I grabbed him waaay back on his shell, and took him to the creek that served our lake. Boy did he stink!!! He probably became dinner for his granddaddy, who I once saw sitting by the side of the road, snapping at cars as they passed. I swear he was 5' long and 3' across, at least.

And THAT'S why I didn't swim in the lake!
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