Required CYA levels for a SWG


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May 21, 2007
Cape Coral, FL
I just installed a Autopilot SWG and it appears to be maintaining chlorine just fine (only had it in 2 days). My weekly sample of cyanuric (CYA) today says 35ppm, where as the Autopilot manual says I need 60ppm. Is there any adverse effects on the SWG if I elect to not add additional CYA until next year. My readings indicate the 60ppm level is to give the SWG a chance to generate chlorine faster that the sun depletion, but since it is late in the season and already getting in 70s, I think my chlorine depletion rate is decreasing. I certainly do not want to ruin my new SWG


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Apr 1, 2007
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hi, Don,

Essentially, what you are doing with the lower CYA is asking your SWG to work a little harder. Other than that, I would see no harm but I think you could turn down your SWG and extend your cell life if you went with the recommended level of 60ppm.