Renovation in Houston, TX - Company recomendation?


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Aug 20, 2019
Houston, TX
I am looking for a company to renovate my pool. It needs resurfacing, I am pretty sure there is a plumbing leak somewhere and the skimmer is all old. The concrete above/around the pool is also all cracked and sunk

Question, can I have the pool stuff done, and then have the concrete done by a concrete company, or would it be best to have a single company handle the whole thing?

I'd love to replace all of the plumbing with new pipes too, so sense blowing a ton of cash and then having 60 year old pipes

Any recommendations or advice?


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Even if you hire a single company to handle the whole thing and act as a General Contractor they will subcontract out electrical, plumbing, concrete, to subcontractors. It is the rare pool building company who has inhouse crews for all the trades.

So no reason why you can't hire someone to do the pool renovation and then hire someone to do the concrete. Just make sure the concrete company is experienced working around a pool and knows how to deal with the type of coping and expansion joints your pool has.