Remove Polaris 280 during freeze?


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Jun 29, 2019
Boerne, TX
I noticed a slight build-up of twigs and leaves in the corner of the pool, which is normal, but when I went to empty the Polaris bag, it was empty. Then I saw the ring (G-57) for the backup valve device (G-52) was split. This unit was installed in May, so it's ~8 months old.

I've kept the Polaris in the pool non-stop, to clean out the leaves from some hackberry trees that hang over the pool. We had some freezing nights recently, with one night down into the 20s. Freeze protection is on, so the pump would have run (pool pump, not cleaner booster). I've never seen the pool temp drop below 48 F.

Should I be removing the Polaris during freezing temps? Do y'all think the freeze broke the ring? I have a new ring on order but it would be a waste to put on a new one only to have it crack again.

BTW, unrelated to that, we opened the pool in May and neither my wife nor I had used the hot tub until Christmas night. It warmed up from 50F pretty quickly and was nice and toasty, with steam coming up, as it was about 40F outside.


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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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I am a little further south and east of you but I keep my Polaris 280 in water all the time (other than when guests are in pool).
I have had a couple of rings crack - it is just to the heat and cold. Just seems to be a weak part of that design.
The rings are relatively inexpensive.
I recently purchased a complete new back up valve on Amazon with a life time warranty. So far it has performed better than the Polaris OEM product. Time will tell. Airlie Upgraded G52 Backup Valve Replacement Kit, Compare to Zodiac G52, Improved Valve Lifespan, Upgraded Crack Resistant Casing (White): Garden & Outdoor


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Jun 29, 2019
Boerne, TX
I started out thinking this was going to be a $60 replacement, then I realized I could get just the case for $35 or so. Then I realized the ring was available for $7 + tax.

Thanks for the link. I'll hold it in my Amazon list in case we need it later.
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