Remodeling questions.


Jun 30, 2013
Hi Guys,

So I have my first house and it came with a pool. I've learned how to maintain the pool here. I've also discovered that the pool is lacking in some areas and I'm wanting to improve it. Currently, it is a very simple pool build; it has a basic set of white stairs, basic aluminum bullnose coping/track system, and a basic concrete deck with a pebble looking coating/finish. My issues are the with the steps, the pool deck, and the lack of lighting. The steps are dingy and I can't seem to get them clean, I'd like to get something nicer and easier to maintain. I don't require vinyl covered steps but it is an option (and probably also add a ladder for the deep end.) I'd like to ditch the concrete and switch to a paver/stone deck. I'd also like to add lighting for the pool while doing this construction. I'd like to do as much of this myself as possible if not all of it. So my initial thoughts are to demo the current concrete pool patio and keep the existing aluminum coping track in place. Install a light fixture when the concrete is all removed. Use bullnose shaped coping stones that fit into the existing aluminum coping and then fill out the rest of the deck with pavers. My questions are: 1. Is this doable or am I barking up the wrong tree? 2. I know for certain I will have to use an electrician to actually connect the light for the pool but I'm pretty confident that I can put all the wiring in place (to code) and leave the last bit for the electrician (am I right?) 3. I'm having a devil of a time finding an inexpensive source for the coping and paver stones; does anybody have a recommendation of places to look? 4. I've found some youtube video of people installing pavers. If I use the bullnose style coping and mount it into the bullnose shaped track coping do I need to cement the coping stones in place or is the same method that you use to lock the pavers in place going to work for the stone coping since the track coping will hold it in place?