Reinstalling and cleaning a light


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Apr 23, 2018
When we opened up our pool, the light was dangling in the water. It must have come off sometime during the winter. The water was green and we couldn't see the bottom of the pool to find the screws so it has been sitting on the deck since then. Now that the pool has cleared up some, should I go ahead and reattach it or should I wait until I pass the OCLT first? And does anyone have any tips on how to clean the niche so I can make sure there is no algae trapped in there before reattaching the light? We had a leak in the light niche several years ago so I'm worried that the high chlorine levels could degrade the pool putty and butyl tape that was used to stop the leak and I'm worried that I could disturb the pool putty/butyl tape if I brush inside the niche before reinstalling the light. The water is too cold to get in so I'm going to have to reinstall it and clean it without getting into the pool.
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