Recommend a Cartridge Filter System for my 24' x 52" round AGP, 13,000 gal.


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Jun 10, 2018
North Central PA
I currently have a Hayward no-frills basic sand filter system which came with the pool. Last fall the filter began spraying a fine mist of water from the multi-port filter valve/vessel connection. I took it apart and replaced the O-ring. It was still leaking upon replacement, but used it for the final weeks of swimming anyway. To winterize, I always remove the pump, motor, and multi port, and store them in the basement. Looking at the mouth of the plastic tank today, I can see a tiny white line where it is cracked, about 1/8" long. I'm not going to try to patch this, as I'm allergic to explosions o_O.

I was looking to upgrade at least the pump anyway, even before I discovered the cracked tank. As I'm now looking at a fairly hefty expense, I'm giving everything new consideration. Since we live in the country and have a well, every full backwash of the sand system requires a couple inches of new water, which, besides being taxing on the well, also requires dumping in and adjusting more chemicals. Thus, a new cartridge system is also being considered. I know going oversized on any filter system is also better, but since retiring, I also have to be careful of the budget. I can do all the work myself to save a little cash. In your opinion, would a 150 sf system be large enough to meet my needs? We only swim from late-May to late-September. Could a system of this size operate with one to two cleanings per season?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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Jul 10, 2012
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I would get as big a filter as your wallet can handle. That is 150 system looks like it is rated for your size pool. If you keep your pool clean and clear with frequent testing and chlorine. What test kit do you have and how do you add FC to your pool?


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Jun 16, 2019
For comparison, you have 452 sq ft of pool to my 800. I have a 500 sq ft cartridge and can easily go with once a season cleaning, plus cleaning for storage. A 150sq ft cartridge will be 3 sq ft of pool per square foot of filter. Mine is roughly half at 1.6 pool sq ft / filter sq ft.

With your overall chemistry in check, your biggest use of the filter will be for pollen and farm dust. I have several rounds of each, and in PA you probably do also between the woods/farms. That will all enter your pool from the top and the gallons/ pool depth won’t matter nearly as much as the surface area. You can use skimmer socks/nets to catch most of the crud before it hits the 150 sq ft filter and probably get the infrequent cleaning schedule you are looking for. In the heavy crud parts of the season you may need to change the skimmer socks frequently, but it’s easier than dismantling and cleaning the cartridge if you don’t mind changing the socks.