Raypak Protege Pump/Cartridge filter combo


Jun 4, 2016
Northern Utah
I think this is a brand new package offered at intheswim. There is very little information, no reviews, and I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this setup?
Raypak Protege CFP Cartridge Filter Systems Item#E3946 - Description: 200 ft. Cartridge System with 1.5 HP 2 speed pump

I think the pump is only 115v, and probably pre-wired with a speed switch, but I don't know.

I'm done with the sand filter. Dang thing makes more messes than it cleans up! I do have to give it credit because it is about 25 years old.

Thanks for responses!


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
I find it interesting that the pumps and filters are not on Raypaks web site. So the real manufacturer or distributor is unknown. My guess is Raypak licensed their name to someone for these products who then assembled them from the same sources as other private label brands.

Pumps and filters are commodities. Get what best fits your pool and budget.