Rabbits digging under concrete around pool


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May 24, 2013
Hey all,

Looking for some advice. I have an in-ground pool that is surrounded by concrete and the concrete meets up with the lawn. The problem I have is that rabbits in my area have realized that digging under the concrete gives them really good protection from predators and from the elements so the area around my pool looks like swiss cheese. There's no way to know how much dirt they've cleared out under the concrete either. So I have two immediate concerns;
1) The concrete MAY not have any support underneath it as a lot of the foundational dirt might be gone
2) Safety. I have kids and the holes the rabbits are making around the concrete have made the area unsafe for my little ones who could easy get a foot stuck or roll and ankle.

I'm looking for advice on tackling this issue. I've tried filling in the holes as best as I can, but the rabbits come back. I've tried rolling up plastic chicken wire and shoving it in the holes, then filling with dirt but the rabbits just either dig a new hole, or pull out the chicken wire. I don't want to use metal chicken wire for safety reasons (don't want someone stepping on it).
I'm thinking about:

Maybe spray foam insulation under the concrete? It'll fill the gaps, give the concrete some support and i don't think the rabbits will dig through that but not sure.

Yes, I've tried traps but it is a temporary solution as new rabbits just move in. I've tried fox urine, works, but unless I apply every 3 days, the rabbits just come back.


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May 23, 2015
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Get an outdoor cat? The constant presence of a predator will keep them away....I do believe your deck is safe, it’s more of a nuisance to your property and family.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Get some day labor and have them dig down along the edge of the decking and install some kind of barrier in a trench then back fill it with dirt. Try to find something that will not rust. I am thinking maybe the plastic lattice??? Or you can even pour some concrete in the trench then cover it with dirt.

OR a big lab! My dog chases all armadillos, coons, possums out of the yard.



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Jun 7, 2017
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My neighbor lost his front walkway to rabbits. They tunneled enough to cause a structural crack in the concrete. I would take care of those pests now. Traps should work!