question about clear water turning green when shocking


Jul 21, 2013
I am still in process of cleaning my pool and although its been a long process I do beleive in the slam process and the bbb itself but and please allow me the but, my pool number wasn't all that bad and my decision to let me chlorine level get a little lower was not a mistake just something I wanted to check out. And it seems that when my chlorine level is real low my pool is blue, and then when I throw in some bleach even a gallon of 12% it turns my 27000 gallons of pool water green in a matter of minutes. Now I have heard some say that its the cholrine killing the stuff in the pool but I am beginning to think differently on this. And I do think it is metals. So my question is if I get me some pink stuff and use it can I again get back to slamming the pool or does the sequestrant not allow me to use a higher chlorine reading???


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Apr 4, 2007
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It sure sounds like metals to me. If you use a phosphonic acid sequestrant, chlorine will break it down, but not immediately.


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Jul 30, 2010
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I agree with JohnT that it sounds like metals. But deal with that after you are sure you are done with the SLAM process by having clear (but maybe still tinted by the metals) also simultaenously passing the two other process criteria (also in my sig). If you pool still looks like it did in this thread, you are not done with the SLAM process.