PVC Frame Cover lets rain run off

Jun 21, 2011
Hi. Saw similar old post. Want some feedback so I am posting new thread. After a few years of frustration over having to pump puddles off my cover after every rain I tried building a PVC frame that sits on the pool sides and on two air pillows to raise the cover about 2 feet above the sides. I lay the cover over the frame and attach water jugs to the grommets to keep the cover taut. It worked great for rain, and light snow, but was no match for heavy snow. After a couple seasons I needed to replace the cover this year. For some reason, the new cover does not work like the old one did. I am getting puddles and sagging around the entire pool. There are two theories I have. 1. The grommets can't seem to center between the railing supports so cover isn't pulling taut like before. 2. This cover may be absorbing water and not repelling it, causing it to sag. It looks and feels just like tho old one but it's not working. Does anyone else use my PVC frame method and how do your covers work? Would you recommend buying a regular tarp instead of a pool cover. I have a 12x24 oval and would need a tarp that is slightly larger to allow for the overhang. Any suggestions?


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May 17, 2014
Benton, KY
Not sure what's common in NJ, but most of the AG pools I have seen here in KY didn't even use pillows. Just had the cover floating in the water, and going up and over the sides. They may just be pumping though. I thought I saw a product recently to cure this. Something that acted like a funnel and directed rain water out through your skimmer. Might be an option.