Pump keeps starting and stopping.


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Sep 19, 2020
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As far as know, everything was running fine until I went to clean the pump filter/basket about an hour ago. After cleaning it, I turned the pool back on but the pump displayed an error of ‘Over Voltage’. I did several combinations of flipping the breakers, turning the pool on/off, and hitting the reset button on the pump over about 20 minutes. Sometimes it would run for 30 seconds and sometimes for 2 minutes. It has seemingly been running longer now bt shutting off… maybe because I let it start a few times to prime itself. It just ran about 10 minutes and cut off then back on. However if I try to turn on the heater, the pump stops within a minute, tries to restart, then stops after a few seconds.
Obviously I’ve never seen this behavior. The pool is less than a year old and my experience with any of this started back then. Any help would be appreciated!!


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Jul 21, 2013
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It looks like you got water on the control panel. I would get a blow dryer and dry off the control panel well and see if the problem goes away.

The control panel is not waterproof with the cover open and you should try not to get it wet.
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