Pressure cleaner plumbing

Matt 633

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Jul 27, 2007
Western East Texas
Is there any reason that a dedicated pressure return cannot be hard plumbed? I am helping a friend recover their pool and have noticed that the Polaris pressure hoses for this application have become unservicable. The suction side has collasped and is entraining air. It uses a Polaris 3/4 hp booster pump and is going into a 1 1/2" return line. The hoses currently used are about 3/4" in diameter. Would it matter if the piping was larger than 3/4"? I would imagine that it wouldn't matter as long as there was sufficient pressure to operate the 360 cleaner.

I tried the Polaris web site, but couldn't find any plumbing instructions.

Thanks for the responses.


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May 7, 2007
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You can use a larger pipe as long as it is rated for the pressure involved. Since schedule 40 PVC is rated for over 100 PSI and a pressure side cleaner is generally around 50 PSI using standard schedule 40 pipe and fittings will be fine. Since the flow rate is low on a pressure side cleaner the 3/4" flexible tubing is sufficent and is easier to work with, but no reason you can't use something else.