Pool water party dye


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May 23, 2009
Trenton NJ
We are having a party for my son and we were thinking of dying the pool water. Maybe a deep blue.....his school color is green but people prob won't go in thinking is algae....Lol.

Can anyone recommend a way of safe, fun way of adding color to pool water?



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Jun 12, 2009
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There are pool water dyes on the market, deep blue is specifically one that is readily available at most pool stores and I think I have seen them at big box stores as well. Quick search on Amazon shows red, blue, and green "Pool Party!" brand. My parents tried one once 15-20 years ago and it didn't cause any staining or problems that I recall. Whether this will affect your chemistry I cannot say, except that it is temporary and I assume chlorine breaks it down over a few days. So your chlorine demand will likely be somewhat higher until it has faded away. I can offer no insight in to what it will look like as it is fading away or how quickly that will happen.


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Jul 16, 2012
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But please give us a few pics and a review if you do use some dye!
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