pool light lens covers


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Jul 29, 2010
My pool builder gave me some Hayward lens covers for the pools lights but they don't fit. The lights don't have a name on them. Does anyone use lens covers for there lights?


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Aug 20, 2009
North Central Texas
Before putting in a color changing LED bulb (replacement bulb only into old light) I tried to use the covers but the Polaris 280 kept knocking them off and if I didn't rescue them in time the Polaris would drag them around the pool scratching them up and sometimes even chipping off the edges. That was the only pool cleaner I had, at the time, so I don't know if other types of cleaners will do that.

I have little covers for my free standing spa light and they fit on very tightly. If the pool light covers fit as tightly as the spa light covers I don't know if the Polaris would have knocked them off.

My pool light is an old Amerlite (possibly Pentair now), 8" lens, 120 volt; pretty standard in old pools. It uses a big incandescent bulb with standard Edison socket. The plastic covers fit over the glass lens between the inside edge of the metal outer ring and the lens.



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Jun 13, 2010
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I got an assortment of light covers with the house, they all looked like new as if they had never been in the water so we spent an evening of trying them out and ohh and ahhh'ing at the pretty lights...then they went into the corner never to be used again. They seemed to cut the light output severely and the different colors were just a novelty that wore off in an hour or so.

All the kids and the wife agree, plain white light was better for our baby blue liner color.

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