Pool ladder pads


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I used one last year but am too lazy to want to put it under the feet of the steps this year. I had to SLAM several times last year, too, and I think it was the pad's fault.

I think I'll leave it out this year, see how it goes. Thanks Kelly!
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Jul 12, 2013
Long Island, NY
I just use a simple bath mat. I take it out and wash it like once a month. It does get a bit of algae though. However, my 2 kids are always jumping off the ladder and I'm worried the back and forth jumping will weaken the liner and maybe damage. The ladder bottom isn't completely flat and smooth


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Jun 2, 2017
Columbia, MO
I had one the first year and it moved and rolled on me and the cleaner kept getting screwed up there. I took it out the next year and have gone 6 years without one with 2 kids going up and down many, many times each day. No issues
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