Pool Finish - Diamond Brite vs PebbleFina vs Stonescape Minipebble


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Sep 24, 2018
Coventry, CT
So we decided to put in a gunite pool (we live in CT) and we are pretty much all set with everything except for what to do for the finish (this will be done in the Spring 2019). Pool is ~590ft2 (22x36 free form). Any shade of gray marcite plaster is included in PB contract but he has given us three options right now.
Option 1: Diamond Brite for an extra $4400
Option 2: Stonescapes MiniPebble for $5500
Option 3: Pebble Fina for $6600

We are leaning towards the upgrade because we want a) better look and b) longer life of the finish. I've searched this forum and others to see what the expected life of the 3 options would be compared to that of marcite plaster but couldn't come up with anything. PB is not really telling us much, other than PebbleTec being able to last for 20, maybe 30 years. Says they haven't kept up with some of their DB customers to really know how long it has lasted, the stonescapes they haven't used yet, other than once with the large size pebbles, and pebblefina just being too knew of a product to be able to say it will last just as long as Pebbletec.

What I would like to know from others who have used any of these three how long they have lasted and any other feedback regarding smoothness, appearance, etc. Appreciate the feedback!


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May 20, 2018
Clovis, CA
We have Pebble Fina in Bella Blue. Not totally sure about the longevity, everything we read says it will last a long time like the regular pebble, but as you say it has not been around long enough to really know that for sure. Otherwise, we are super happy with the finish. It's the perfect level of smoothness for us, just smooth enough that it does not feel rough and would not hurt your feet or easily remove skin from elbows and knees -- MUCH smoother than Pebble Tec or Pebble Sheen -- yet not at all slippery. The color is exactly what we were going for (we had described it as bright 80's blue), you can see pics in the link in my signature. It does have a little mottling that is visible when the water is shaded or lit at night -- if you are looking for it, but apparently that is normal for this type of finish, as with colored plaster. I know some people here have had it worse -- I would discuss this at the outset with your builder to find out ahead of time what they consider acceptable, and what they don't, so if it is out of hand you have some commitment level from them.

Looks like the cost you were quoted is pretty much in line with what we paid.


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Dec 5, 2016
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I've got pebblefina in 'sapphire galaxy' which comes with the shimmering sea add-ins and I'll agree with scdaren that the finish feels great. It's got just enough texture to make it non-slip but doesn't wear down your feet and is not irritating to sit on for a while in the spa.

Regarding uniformity, it's a dark finish and you can definitely see some swirls in it, but personally I like that as it adds interest and with the shimmering sea bits really sells the "galaxy" look.