Pool builder is telling me this is normal…..pretty sure it isn’t


Jan 31, 2022
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I’m currently in a tug of war with my pool builder about the operation of my spa. When I’m in spa mode, my pump is set to operate at 2800 rpm. At this speed, I get some good jet pressure, and consequently some nice bubbles, but the kicker is only 4 of the 6 jets. 2 out of the 6 jets put out an extremely low amount of pressure/flow.

I do have a blower. When the blower is operating, all 6 jets operate as advertised. But again, when the blower is off, I only get 4 of the 6.

Additionally, what’s weird is that for me to get good flow out of the jets, I need to “jump start the system” with my blower for a few seconds. If don’t, the flow out of the jets w the pump only is diminished. When I turn the blower on and off, then the 4 operational jets work as advertised.

My pool builder is telling me that having the two jets not put out the same flow as the other jets is normal. I’m 99% certain is NOT normal. How can 2 out 6 identical jets operating on a common manifold operate at different flow rates?? To me it’s physically impossible unless something is restricted.

I’m not sure if these jets have an air injection venturi. I’m going to assume so. So to me, it’s possible the venturi is clogged. This makes sense why when the blower is on, all 6 jets operate when blower is on…..and when it’s off, only 4 operate.

The builder is coming to house next Friday. I’m certain it’s going to end in a stalemate. What do I do? How does this net fixed?

Video below is w the blower off, pool in spa mode, and pump at 2800-2900 rpm.

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Jul 14, 2014
All spa jets work on the venturi principle. Try removing the blower from its pipe (it shouldn't be glued on) and see if it makes a difference. Or, you may need a few more rpm to make all six work to your satisfaction.


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Mar 19, 2022
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I'm having a similar problem as well. 3, sometimes 4 of 6 work. And of those 3 that work reliably, one is noticeably poorer than the other 2. My fitting were just installed today after a long backorder, so i haven't tried to fiddle too much but I've tried ramping up to 3100 rpm without much luck. Jump starting with the blower does help some.


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Aug 28, 2012
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Sounds like snake and blow time....Almost 99% of the PB's are not onsite when the gunite company blows in their product. If any, and I mean any of the tape covering the PVC is off, torn, removed, gunite is going to be blown into the opening.

When I first started learning my pool equipment, I turned on the scupper pump and about the 8-9th time, I saw a green rock come into the pump basket. It barely fit thru the hole into the pump basket, but it was huge !!!! How could anyone allow something like that into my plumbing?? Bottom line, these pool contractors do this 5-6 days a week and their give-a-xxxx meter is usually broken by thur-sat....You just have to be vigilant w you pool builder and get them to fix something that's not right....
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