Pool Build in Costa Blanca Spain.


Sep 7, 2009
Having read all the construction blogs on here with some considerable envy our time has come to finally build a pool at our villa in Spain.

The villa has been owned as a second/holiday home for about ten years. However we spent far less time than we wanted to due to work and other demands. Therefore we have always held back on putting in a pool due to capital cost and the expense of running it while hardly ever being there. The situation has changed now, I'm in O&G and the recent oil price crisis has moved my retirement plans forward - there's always a silver lining!

The site is difficult, steeply sloped with poor access from above for vehicles/machinery.

Here’s how it was in 2008.... So the first job was to terrace the land so it was manageable

It’s about 50m to the road at the bottom. The builders built a ramp for the machinery to get up the hill from the road. The same will have to be done a second time for the pool machinery to access the 2nd from top terrace where the pool will go. Expensive – should have foreseen this issue when we had the terracing built as the plan was always to have a pool. Hey ho..

In lieu of a pool we installed a spa at the front of the villa – the best €6500 I ever spent! This has sufficed for 7 years now, used twice a day whenever I am there summer or winter. The location is on the access road side of the villa but completely private and not overlooked. Perfect.

The pool site.

Our intention is to use the second level of terracing as the base for the pool. We strongly considered an infinity design as the views might have supported this type of design.

Long consideration led to the conclusion the site really didn’t justify it. We have a sea view but its limited and infinities work best with open vistas and seascapes (IMHO). The other factors were cost, evaporation and heat loss. Water is a relatively expensive resource in Spain, which combined with the fact that I want to solar heat the pool and use it for extended seasons ruled out this idea.

So the pool will be rectangular, 9m x 4m, gunite and block construction, Vidrepur tiling mosaics, Salt water system, solar cover, solar heating ready (plumbed in ready for collectors to be added), 2 speed pump. All machinery will be European or US sourced.

A 25m2 patio area will be built beside the pool the underside of which will provide the machinery room and storage for sun beds etc. Paving will match the existing patio area. The area will be fenced by traditional Spanish balustrades. We will also have a structure for shade – decision on what exactly yet to be made.

We don't get the nice 3d graphics over here but I have some plans to share

Planning permission is a lengthy process in Spain application has been made (a 91 page document) for the relevant permits and approvals. We now wait and hope to start construction in 60 days or so but I have started this thread in case questions arise along the way – as TFP is such a friendly helpful site!

Hopefully swimming by May – it’s all very exciting.....


Sep 7, 2009
Holy Thread resurrection .......So much for swimming in May!

Planning permission took far longer than anticipated – the application was lodged in early January and final approval was received on September 2nd.......we were No 18 in the queue for 2016 and it took ten months to process. Anyway we are underway woo hoo.

Planned start date was September 5th but to add to our delays Javea suffered numerous wildfires on Sunday 4th and the authorities evacuated our urbanisation. So after a night sleeping under the stars on the Arenal beach we finally got back to the undamaged villa and started on the 6th.
The pool will be built on our terracing.

Day 1 The first job is to get the mini digger up the hill....

Excavation started at the end of the first day.

The first bucket load...

Day 2
Excavation continues in earnest. I’m happy with the robust terracing I had built in 2008 it was designed with future pool construction in mind.

So at the end of day 2 I have a fairly large hole in my terracing.

Builder estimates an eight week build. I'll update every week or so from now on.


Sep 7, 2009
Construction continues at a satisfying pace. Workers turn up at 0730 and work through till 1600.
Bottom level excavation completed

Leeloo couldn’t resist testing the concrete ... note to self lock gate to lower terraces when concrete is wet.

Rebar arrives

Spanish plans...

Bottom pad rebar being put in place and shuttering for equipment room/store foundations.

The concrete pump arrives for the foundation works

Its quite a stretch.

First truck arrives

And pouring starts

2 hrs later foundations are in and in the Spanish sun the base is set enough for building materials 3 hrs after pouring...



Sep 7, 2009
week two of the build

Week two and the walls are going up. Our four legged inspector (Leeloo) approves so far..

Piping starts to arrive

Starting to take shape.

The equipment room and pool are now clearly defined.

All the piping is laid in place, including the heating returns , pre gunite.

Very happy with the contractor – all this has been achieved in 13 working days!


Sep 7, 2009
We have Gunite!

Gunite day.

Once again the fluids had to be moved from the road to site across the house, easier this time as the gunite pump and compressor were put on my drive.
Contractor took plenty of steps to mitigate any damage or spillage from the equipment.

Workers arrived at 0730 as usual,preparation took a little over an hour before spraying started.

And after 5 hours we have something that resembles a pool!

We’ve been damping down over the last day but even so we have a few minor lines as the gunite dryed.
Four legged inspector seems to approve though.



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Jul 10, 2012
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Those fine cracks are not big deal. The plaster will fill them in. Keep bonding (aka watering) with your pool and it should all be good.

So what is next and when?



Sep 7, 2009
Very slow progress, or so it seems, over the last two weeks. Steps installed, paving stones laid and rendering done. Balustrades are going in today. Big error in contract – missed the fact that electricity being laid to equipment room wasn’t in the price, rather annoyed at myself over this.

Anyway pics...

Roman steps made

Rendering complete on shell debating whether to paint white..

Paving in progress

Balustrades going in



Sep 7, 2009
Finally getting there

Getting there..

It’s been a long slow couple of weeks but we seem to be getting there at last.

Balustrade work took forever, the power for the equipment was also routed under existing paving to minimise the cable run which added some extra work and delayed finishing the paving works.

But the result is good..

Other ground works were completed including the dry river bed and side steps to equipment room and lower terraces. The builders started clearing the site and moved their digger and bobcat.

Tiling was delayed by a week due to heavy rain on the Costa Blanca but we got going on Friday. However to add to our issues the heavy rain effected our mains water supply (leak in road about 1K away cut off our urbanization supply) but to the tilers credit they coped by transporting buckets of water from another location!

In the meantime our winter fuel arrived...

Tiles revealed on day 2 of tiling ops

Grouting done

Equipment installation next week...getting there.
I am busy working on our lower apartment for Airbnb so it’s all moving forward now.