Polaris 280 Stuck on stairs


Nov 21, 2018
Dallas, TX
My pool/cleaner is 1 year old. It's worked perfectly for a year. Over the last month, it started getting stuck on the 2nd level of my stairs. I checked and I'm getting 30 RPM on the single wheel side. The valve is cycling every 2.5 minutes. I removed the entire backup valve and inspected. The housing has no cracks. I disassembled the valve and didn't see any issues with the valve assembly. I reassembled and it worked perfectly for two weeks. Two days ago, it started to get stuck in the exact same place again. The skimmers, pump filter basket, inline screen filter on the cleaner, DE filter, are all clean. My builder had the thrust jet set at five o'clock.

Should I move the thrust jet to 11 although it worked fine for a year on 5? Is there something else I should check?


In The Industry
Mar 16, 2010
How do you mean getting stuck on the stairs? Getting stuck and staying there indefinitely, or getting stuck there every time it gets to the stairs?
Check to see that the edges of the tires are still fairly square and not rounded off.
One year is an unusually short run for a backup valve. But if that happens to be the issue replace it with the Pentair version. Better design.