Pipe rebuild underwater


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May 4, 2017
Safety Harbor FL
I'm going to be rebuilding my suction-side manifold, and have FOUR pipes that are about 8 inches under the pool water level. #1 skimmer, #2 vacuum robot, #3 main drain, #4 spa drain. I expect I could temporarily use pool side plugs for #1 and #2, but is there a way to block the drains? Otherwise I would have to use a wet PVC glue, and cut, deburr, bevel, clean and glue while the water is running out. That's possible, but messy. (I could lower the pool by 10 inches also ...)

Thanks for suggestions!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Your only real option is to drop the level of your pool water below the level of any repairs...

It will be much less work, and a more reliable repair than trying to do it under water.

Jim R.

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