Phosphates in water


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Jun 20, 2010
I have phosphorus problems for the first time. I have a pool service. Am unable to take care of the pool myself. My service is telling me I will have to drain the pool to rid it of the problem. The water here is extremely expensive and after reading the many answers on this subject I am very confused as to what to do. I understand it is not a simple problem. I sure would prefer NOT to drain and refill the pool. Thanks for all the information.

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Re: Phosphates and cloudy water

It's gonna be tough with a pool service telling you what to do and you trying to go against what they recommend if you can't take care of the pool yourself.

If you could post a full set of test results we could tell what needs to be done, but the service is probably not going to follow them. Also add your location while you're at it.


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Phosphates won't cause a problem in a pool that is properly sanitized. High phosphates is also not an indication for changing out pool water. Do not drain your pool. Post some test results as bama suggested. We don't need the phosphate results since they don't matter.

You may need yourself a new pool service when this is all said and done.


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Not trying to pile on, but just letting you know I am in complete agreement with bama and 257. Phosphates are not critical in a properly managed pool but it will be difficult for you to convince your pool service of that.


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Mar 25, 2010
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What does the pool service have to gain by this? Would they be charging you more to do "take care" of the phosphate problem? I've never heard of draining a pool due to phosphates. The minute Leslie's mentions "phosphates" to me I just say "yeah...I think some fertilizer from my landscaping is blowing into my pool" and they instantly shut up. As long as I keep my chlorine where it should be, I'm not even concerned about the stupid phosphates.

Can you give the experts here a full set of your water chemisty numbers?

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