pH: How low can I go??


Sep 14, 2020
Kalamazoo, MI
I’m trying to balance my TA in my new fiberglass pool. With my well fill water having a TA if 350, it has been a slow process over the past month. I’ve added MA in multiple doses to get to 190, but still have far to go! I’ve been taking pH down to 7.0 then aerating/waiting for it to rise to about 7.4 before adding acid again, which has taken over a week each time. We are done with our swimming season now but most likely won’t close the pool for another couple weeks. Can I reduce the pH even lower to lower the TA, or should I keep waiting and close with it on the high side? Thanks!
CC: 0.2
pH: 7.0
TA: 190
CH: 450
CYA: 80
salt: 4100