Permanent pool or Non permanent?


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May 21, 2010
Ok i have a easy set 18x48 pool and because of help from this site and all its members I have got the pool bug. lol. When I first got it i was like this is huge. Then I made the mistake of going to a pool party and swimming in a real pool. Not that the intex isnt. If it holds water and you can swim it cant get any realer. It was a 33x54 and was absolutely beautifull. Now I dont think I want one that big being It probably wouldnt fit in my yard. but I was thinking of getting a 24' by 52". I am stuck with a dillema though. I dont know how long I will live in my house so a permanent one may be a bad route. I looked at the intex 24x52 ultra frame but Im concerned of how long it will last. Also would like the option to leave it up but also move fairly easy if needed. Im planning on purchasing a sand filter and pump big enough for 24' so i can use it on present or new pool. So the hole intex filter thing is not a issue. I already have intex swg i can use on new pool as well. So tell me what you all think and If you think I should go with permanent. Where are some good places online to find them? and what to look for?

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Jul 2, 2010
I know how you feel, I have had my intex 18X48 metal frame going on 6 years and I absolutely love mine. I have landscaped around the area that we put it up, so that when cooler weather comes and we take down the pool, we have a beautiful patio area with roses and small shrubs. The ground cover is the black tarp kind and makes a nice smooth surface to put a table and chairs or chimnea on in the fall. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go the permanent ag pool route or not. But I like not having to winterize a pool and look forward to setting it up every spring. Good Luck!


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Jan 6, 2010
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If you get an pool installed in ground, there will be building permits involved, and probably a hike in the assessed value of the house. More taxes.

A good-looking pool may help a house sell; a crappy pool seriously detracts from its appeal, and some people don't want a pool, period. An aboveground pool can always be busted down and hauled away if someone doesn't want a pool. All they're left with is some extra electrical outlets in the yard - always handy - and a nice flat spot to landscape however they wish.


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May 21, 2010
it would be abg for sure. but i just would hate to have to tear it down 2 years from now. Intex are alot easier to move from place to place. and about half the cost, but how long will one last.


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Jan 20, 2008
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I started with an Intex like yours to see if we would utilize it. In August the lawnmower propelled a dog bone through the side of the intex, causing a 3" hole. I was off to the pool store for a patch kit but learned pools get marked WAY down at the end of the season. Came home with a 33' pool for $1600. IMO the "real" pools are easier to maintain than the intex, becuase the pumps/filters are so much better. And they get "real" cheap after Labor Day.


Whether a pool is desirable to buyers may depend on your location and how many months of each year a pool is usable. The cooler the temps, the less desirable the average buyer might find it. If I moved to FL, I would definitely want one! How many are in your neighborhood? Talk to a realtor in your area.

An inground pool will likely raise your property taxes; an AG will probably not (often even if it's mostly buried -- this seems like a great option to me). In my town, permits are required for everything. So check with your town to see what your options are -- here, I'd have to talk to the tax guy as well as the permits guy.

My pool is older and was pretty homely when I bought this house. I've since landscaped around the pool and painted it, so it looks much better but there are definitely prettier pools out there. My house was for sale for more than 2 years when I bought it -- I'm sure it was at least partly because of the pool. There is only one other pool in my neighborhood, and not many in my town (a historical area).

I also like Coastal's solution with the Intex. I know someone who has the same pool; he purchased a larger filtration system for his and they've been happy with it for 3 years. They only got one year each out of 2 easy-set pools.

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