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May 6, 2018
Hi all,

Last fall I had posted some questions regarding PH etc.
My PH at that time was measuring very high, over 8 I guess, I couldn't tell how high. The problem was I had already drained below the skimmer and return and increased my FC getting ready to cover the pool.

Anyway, I pulled the winter cover, fired the pump up , poured in some bleach and waited a day. Did some tests and my PH is back to 7.5 and FC at that time was 3 ppm. It's using minimal chlorine right now, I assume because the water is so cold. Just a guess, but I'm betting that water is in the low 50s. at best. Could easily be in the 40s actually.

I couldn't be happier really. Nothing growing, perfect PH right after removing the cover. Is this because I closed the pool and opened it with the water well below 60 degrees?

Can it always be this easy?


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Jun 12, 2009
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Can it? Yes. Will it? Probably not.

There's always variables over the winter. One good gust of wind can tear the cover, things like that. However, closing and opening when below 60 and following the closing procedures greatly increases the odds of getting this outcome. Great job, I hope it remains equally Trouble Free for the season!
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