Pentair Racer - creative solutions?


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May 12, 2015
Houston, TX
Racer gets stuck on curved step. The plastic nose protrusion contacts the vertical surface of the step keeping both tires just a fraction of an inch away from contacting the vertical step edge to drive the cleaner up and away. In reverse the back wheels slip off the horizontal step and the plastic bottom of the cleaner hits the step corner, lifting the front drive wheels slightly into the air and defeating its ability to get the cleaner off of the step. I have a short video clip but it looks like i can’t post that here. If this made sense I’d love to hear of any creative ideas to solve this problem. Thank you!!


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Jul 21, 2013
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You can post a video on YouTube or other video hosts and post a link to it here.

The Racer should have a backup valve for that purpose to pull it away from someplace it gets hung up in.


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Mar 4, 2015
Sugar Land , TX
I lived with this for years with this same problem with my FORMER Racer. I even tried attaching a tennis ball to the front so it would bounce off the wall. I even tried a make shift spring to the front to bounce off wall. Nothing worked, frustrating. I ended up buying the new Polaris Quattro and their design is so much better. No more stuck up against the wall. I still have my old Racer and spare parts if you want it.


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Jul 29, 2018
Katy, Texas
I just looked at the Pentair website, and it appears the Racer is no longer a Pentair product. I had one initially installed by my PB. It had problems getting stuck like a beached whale on its side on the tanning ledge and on a bench. The PB had a Pentair rep come out, and he said, "Oh what you need is the Kreepy Krauly Platinum." They swapped it out. The KKP worked (sort of, as well as I guess a pressure side cleaner can with only vortex from water flow to create suction and NO BRUSHES) for a while, then began only Krauling around the deep end of the pool. I tried the impossibly complex speed adjustments, as well as other settings. Finally I gave up and bought a Maytronics Dolphin robotic. Frankly now, I am really disappointed that my PB didn't tell me about robotics as an alternative to the noisy, high wattage booster pump and pressure side cleaner. The difference is greater than night and's like a black hole vs the sun! My Kreepy Krauly is in the attic where it will probably be until we move or die.