1. A

    Above Ground Step Help

    Hi all, We’re going to be purchasing our first pool shortly. We’re going with a semi-inground built into our deck. We're slightly budget-restricted, but pretty handy.... Is there any way we could build a concrete step form into our pool frame, and cover it with a custom liner? I don't love any...
  2. D

    Wedding steps or diagonal?

    We are in the design stage of our inground pool. We’ll have the steps in the corner. The length and width of the pool meet at 90 degrees where the steps will be. When you finish walking down the steps you’re at 48 inches of water. What are the pros and cons of either step type? I am not...
  3. goody222

    Plastic gasket material coming off bottom of steps

    The attached picture is the bottom of my pool steps. The rubber has come loose - I was just going to clip it off at each end. Just curious if anyone knows what its there for. Decorative I hope.
  4. N

    Wedding cake steps keep floating around

    I have a set of wedding cake steps that keep floating around like crazy. It has a large hole in the back where I put three 50 pound sand bags plus about 25 extra pounds of weight. can’t get them to stay still. I refuse to install the brackets that get screwed into the patio (patio was more...
  5. J

    New Pool Construction - So Cal - PLS HELP!!

    We have finished dig out, currently finishing up the rebar. Having trouble with two decisions. 1) steps. The Baja is 18” deep (we did that because we want to sit it in also, and have the kids 2&4y/o splash around there; later we can put deep aqua chairs). We will add a step into the Baja and...
  6. B

    Pentair Racer - creative solutions?

    Racer gets stuck on curved step. The plastic nose protrusion contacts the vertical surface of the step keeping both tires just a fraction of an inch away from contacting the vertical step edge to drive the cleaner up and away. In reverse the back wheels slip off the horizontal step and the...