Pentair intelliflo/ Jandy Aqualink communicating but won’t change speed.


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Jan 1, 2021
I just installed a pentair intelliflo vsf pump with my jandy aqualink rev QQ controller. Wired both poles thru the filter pump relay as the jandy manual instructs, connected the rs485 wires (pin 2 yellow, pin 3green) as the online refs instruct. Pump properly displays “display not active”, set the controller to vf pump and filtration application, scheduled the filter pump and variable speed times. Controller is communicating since the jandy onetouch displays the pump rpm, wattage, and gpm, but the controller isn’t adjusting the speeds.
Only way I can change speed is to unplug the rs485 use the pump control panel to change it, then plug the rs485 back in and power cycle the pump.
If I go into the speed adjust for the variable speed pump on the jandy controller and set a new speed it doesn’t change anything. I’ve also tried setting the pump to external control mode, and also wiring the pump direct to the breaker so it doesn’t power cycle but still nothing.
Any ideas on why the jandy controller isn’t changing the pump speeds, or the vsf pump isn’t responding to speed commands?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I do not have your automation, but for my EasyTouch to work, you have to assign a speed to a Circuit and you have to have the pump scheduled to run.

I am not sure that your automation can run the VSF in the VF configuration, so I would set everything to VS instead and give that a try. 99% of pool owners do not need VF anyway.

In the back of my mind I seem to remember something about not running VF or maybe it has to do with running VF and VS at the same time.. I can't remember which.. :(

Not sure it will help, but it can't hurt.


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